Why hire a pooper scooper?

If you are like most dog owners, you are finally seeing what was underneath the inches of snow and ice … dog waste!doggies

And yes, there is a lot of it now!

There are a lot of situations that prevent dog-owners from cleaning up their own yards after the snow melts. For some, it’s just an overwhelming sight to see all the poo collecting on the grass; and they may feel they will never have time to clean it all up. Between work, family and extra events, some families don’t get home until after dark. But we at Dog Gone Poop Patrol can clean your yard in the daylight hours!

Some dog-owners simply cannot clean up their own yards due to medical reasons. Maybe they cannot withstand being out in the cold for minutes at a time or maybe they cannot bend over due to back problems. Or maybe, the smell is just too much. That is understandable. Everyone deserves to have a pet to love; and if the sight or smell of the dog poo is too much, we can help!

Give us a call today (440) 610-6837 — because everyone needs a little help now and then!

~Dog Gone Poop Patrol~

Preparing your pets for frigid temps

Well my Ohio Friends and Animal Lovers – as much as we wished the mild-December weather would have remained with us for the duration of the winter, it appears as if Mother Nature was in the mood to shake things up for us! loving on dogs

With that being said, extreme frigid temperatures are expected to roll into Ohio late Tuesday through early Friday – depending on where you live. Weather forecasters are calling for temperatures reaching into the -20s by the time the “deep freeze” is over.

So, what does that mean for pets? It means they will need extra care and attention this week. Dogs cannot be left out very long – even though they may want to sniff and explore. If left out too long, they will begin to shiver, whine and hold their paws up when they are cold. But, we all know they will want to head outside to do their business, so it’s important to wipe their paws when they come in — it removes any salt residue and gets their paws warmed up.

Our furry friends are going to need their “parents” this week to make sure they are kept safe and warm!

And don’t worry, after the DEEP FREEZE we will be here to help make your yard safe and happy once again!

~Dog Gone Poop Patrol~


Why you NEED a pooper scooper

welcome holly

As the snow melts on the ground, only to return within a few short days, it makes getting out to clean your hard not only difficult, but maybe even a hassle.

I get it.

Between work, family, and, well our furry friends, there aren’t enough hours in the day – let alone time to scoop poop.

That is where I come in to save not only the day … but your yard as well!

My job is to make sure your yard is ready for everyone in your family!

And, I love welcoming new furry friends to my family – like Holly from Amherst!

Thanks to her Furry Friend Companion, she now has a clean yard!

If you need a hand making your yard dog and people friendly, give Dog Gone Poop Patrol a call today – 440-610-6837!

Is your yard ‘Snow-Angel’ ready?

yard clean for snow angels

I promise, the snow won’t last forever! But, while it’s here, why not get it ready for snow-angels? My furry friends Gracie and Lilly from Massillon are thrilled with their clean-yard!

We at Dog Gone Poop Patrol are ready to make your yard clean and ready for all the angels in your family!

Call us today at (440) 610-6837 — we serve the Greater Cleveland area and want to make your yard clean!


The TRUTH about poo …

Did you know …?                                                                      the truth about poo

As a pooper scooper, my job isn’t just to clean yards – it’s to make them SAFE for everyone!

Some people believe dog poop is a fertilizer, but it’s far from the truth. In fact, the truth is, dog poop, as well as other animal feces carries bacteria and parasites that can actually be HARMFUL to humans and other animals who walk/run/play in the same space.

And while it may take up to a YEAR for dog waste to degrade completely – and the feces may no longer be visible to the naked eye – eggs from parasites can linger for years in the soil.

We at Dog Gone Poop Patrol are here to take care of your hard and make it safe for everyone by treating the yard.

Give us a call today – (440) 610-6837!

Why do I poop scoop?

Hello Furry Friend Followers!promo cari padin

Today was a bit of an exciting day; and I am so happy to share my news with you all!

Earlier today, Peggy Karolak, of State Farm Insurance, introduced Dog Gone Poop Patrol on her Facebook page!

So, I thought this would be the perfect way to let all of my FUTURE customers know a bit about me …

First off, I have been in the “poop scooping” business for about two years. And while I am located in Southern Lorain County, my customers are in not only Lorain and Medina counties, but in Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, Wooster and other places.

But what got me into the poop scooping business?

The reality is a few years ago, I was laid off and needed a way to help support my family – a husband, three sons, three furry dogs and one fluffy cat! A friend of mine from college convinced me to start my own business in the poo industry. I thought to myself, “Why not, I am picking it up daily anyways!”

I firmly believe that when one doors closes, another one opens. Gone are the days of me working in an office – the outside is my office now; and I love it! I get to spend time with not only my pets, but my Furry Friends too!

So, if you are tired of scooping up poop, give me a call at 440-610-6837!







Prepping for Winter Storm ’19 the clean-way

Did you all hear about the impending WINTER storm heading our way in Ohio this weekend?
Yes, it’s true!
But, fear not!
We will be here for YOU after the snow-storm!
Give us a call today to clean your yard — 440-610-6837 — and your yard will be ready just like my friends’ in Cuyahoga Falls!
Thank you Charlee, Morgan and Karma!
~Dog Gone Poop Patrol~cuyahoga friends