Why you NEED a pooper scooper

welcome holly

As the snow melts on the ground, only to return within a few short days, it makes getting out to clean your hard not only difficult, but maybe even a hassle.

I get it.

Between work, family, and, well our furry friends, there aren’t enough hours in the day – let alone time to scoop poop.

That is where I come in to save not only the day … but your yard as well!

My job is to make sure your yard is ready for everyone in your family!

And, I love welcoming new furry friends to my family – like Holly from Amherst!

Thanks to her Furry Friend Companion, she now has a clean yard!

If you need a hand making your yard dog and people friendly, give Dog Gone Poop Patrol a call today – 440-610-6837!