Dog Gone Poop Patrol welcomes Lisa
Dog Gone Poop Patrol welcomes Lisa

As we continue to grow, we have added a NEW employee. Let us welcome Lisa to the Dog

Gone Poop Patrol team! Lisa loves all dogs and is eager to make your yard clean for everyone! She will also be wearing our Dog Gone Poop Patrol clothing when she is out and about … Let’s welcome Lisa to our family!

We are a family-owned and operated dog pooper-scooper business. We started our journey after realizing that while so many people love their dogs, they don’t love cleaning up after them on a daily basis.

Most dog owners are unaware of the harmful effects unscooped dog waste can have on their lawns, local communities, and even to their own dogs. Dog waste contains bacteria that can hurt not only your pet, but for those who love their pets too.

At Dog Gone Poop Patrol, we love dogs just as much as you do, and we want to help you keep your dogs (and lawns!) happy and healthy!

Cari Dog Gone Poop Patrol
Owner of Dog Gone Poop Patrol, Cari

“We Are Committed To Quality Service”

We scoop in single-family homes and apartment complexes. We believe in SATISFACTION and DEPENDABLE service, and we will give you our best every time.

Let Dog Gone Poop Patrol come clean up your yard once a week, twice a week, or as needed.

Call us today at (440) 610-6837!