Prepping for Winter Storm ’19 the clean-way

Did you all hear about the impending WINTER storm heading our way in Ohio this weekend?
Yes, it’s true!
But, fear not!
We will be here for YOU after the snow-storm!
Give us a call today to clean your yard — 440-610-6837 — and your yard will be ready just like my friends’ in Cuyahoga Falls!
Thank you Charlee, Morgan and Karma!
~Dog Gone Poop Patrol~cuyahoga friends

Happy Customers in Ohio!

With January just getting under way, the snow has been falling a bit more than it did in December … but … these doggies still need clean yards!

These are my furry friends from the Akron area! Yes, that’s right … I drive to Akron to clean yards!! I’d do anything to make sure my friends were taken care of!

If you need help keeping your yard in tip-top shape, call Dog Gone Poop Patrol today at (440) 610-6837 today!

The Journey Begins

🐾 Today is going to be a nice day to watch my dogs run and play outside today while I clean up my own yard! Enjoy your day with your Family!!! Happy New Year!! 🐾dogs 3