Why hire a pooper scooper?

If you are like most dog owners, you are finally seeing what was underneath the inches of snow and ice … dog waste!doggies

And yes, there is a lot of it now!

There are a lot of situations that prevent dog-owners from cleaning up their own yards after the snow melts. For some, it’s just an overwhelming sight to see all the poo collecting on the grass; and they may feel they will never have time to clean it all up. Between work, family and extra events, some families don’t get home until after dark. But we at Dog Gone Poop Patrol can clean your yard in the daylight hours!

Some dog-owners simply cannot clean up their own yards due to medical reasons. Maybe they cannot withstand being out in the cold for minutes at a time or maybe they cannot bend over due to back problems. Or maybe, the smell is just too much. That is understandable. Everyone deserves to have a pet to love; and if the sight or smell of the dog poo is too much, we can help!

Give us a call today (440) 610-6837 — because everyone needs a little help now and then!

~Dog Gone Poop Patrol~