Why do I poop scoop?

Hello Furry Friend Followers!promo cari padin

Today was a bit of an exciting day; and I am so happy to share my news with you all!

Earlier today, Peggy Karolak, of State Farm Insurance, introduced Dog Gone Poop Patrol on her Facebook page!

So, I thought this would be the perfect way to let all of my FUTURE customers know a bit about me …

First off, I have been in the “poop scooping” business for about two years. And while I am located in Southern Lorain County, my customers are in not only Lorain and Medina counties, but in Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, Wooster and other places.

But what got me into the poop scooping business?

The reality is a few years ago, I was laid off and needed a way to help support my family – a husband, three sons, three furry dogs and one fluffy cat! A friend of mine from college convinced me to start my own business in the poo industry. I thought to myself, “Why not, I am picking it up daily anyways!”

I firmly believe that when one doors closes, another one opens. Gone are the days of me working in an office – the outside is my office now; and I love it! I get to spend time with not only my pets, but my Furry Friends too!

So, if you are tired of scooping up poop, give me a call at 440-610-6837!