Life in a small town is about giving back

Living in a small community, we often come together to support those around us.

On Aug. 17, my son, Macin (far left), along with his buddies, Logan Nagle, Zach Shackleford and Grady Whitacre, participated in the Jason Rodak 3 V 3 Hoopfest Tournament in LaGrange, Ohio – our hometown. The tournament is in honor of Jason, who was a 1995 Keystone High School graduate, who LOVED all things basketball – he honestly lived basketball. But, sadly, in 1999 he died from cancer of the bones. His Keystone friends NEVER wanted to forget their classmate, so in August 2000, the first basketball tournament, sponsored by the KATS Organziation, was held. And ever since then, it has grown. Students and adults from communities surrounding Keystone-LaGrange head to The Depot at Union Station every August to play in memory of Jason.

This year, I decided to sponsor my son’s team — but this blog isn’t about the sponsorship. It’s about having a group of friends play together for someone they didn’t even know. But, what they do know is Keystone comes together to support each other. And on the afternoon of Aug. 17, they too played their hearts out like Jason did all those years ago.